We are what we eat

Love and respect for the earth and the people who live on it

Conscious kitchen

We work with local, ecological producers and under the criteria of the economy of the common good.

When we travel, one of the moments that we enjoy the most is undoubtedly the opportunity to taste the local cuisine at sunset, in an environment that tells us about the essence of the place, its culture, traditions, …

You can dine at our house. You just have to notify us during breakfast and when you return from your day we will have something simple prepared for you, like our house, but loaded with values, like our main supplier, Subbética Ecológica.

A gastronomic experience for people who consider eating as an act of conscience, aimed at perpetuating the conservation of the planet and the dignity of producer families.

Camuesa, variety of local apple
EcoMardom family eggs
Iberian ham of pure breed and pure acorn
Here there is only bread, extra virgin olive oil, tomato, pepper and garlic.
Juan Carlos, Salvador… they are persons. Our ceramic artisans


Onomatopoeia allowed

Without anything else. Cream cheese and lemon.
Whole wheat flour from BioPan spelled and carrot from Fran and Susana ́s garden.
Panela syrup