Including breakfast

We have created R&V because we believe that from small actions, big changes can be made. 5% of you R&V will go to a food sovereignty project developed under the “common good” economy. Of the direct reservations (reservations of 1 to 6 nights).

Conditions of stay

Are you traveling with children? Ask us before. Our house is not recommended for children under 14 years of age.
Consult other types of stays.
Pets are not allowed.

Cancellation fees

No show 100%
Cancel the same day of entry 80%
Cancellation one day before entry 50%
Cancellation 2-6 days before arrival 25%

On Route

If you are doing the GR-7 ROUTE or traveling by bicycle, rest at our house, we have special prices for green tourism (contact us).

Do you want dinner?

...conscious kitchen, slowfood, km.0, ecological producers, common good ...

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