Reserva & Valores

“We have invented “R&V”. Because booking directly with us is not just an act of consumption.”

Can you let us transform a discount into an investment?

A small percentage applied to a small amount individually would not be a big deal. However, all those small percentages collectively can turn into something interesting. If they are also used to improve the way we travel on this planet, the repercussions will surely be remarkable.

We thought you would like it. That goes with us. It hits us. And the most important. Also to you. Because if after seven years of life, with everything that is read out there about us, you have decided to stay in our house, it is that we share certain concerns. We have wondered why we
hadn’t done it before. We conclude that they must have been evolutionary issues.

Overall, we are only a product of that process. So we hope you do not mind, rather you like it, that that grain of sand will be used from this year to try to leave a better world for those who come behind. For each of you it is probably nothing. For them it can be a lot.

We will allocate 5% of the direct reservations (reservations of 1 to 6 nights) to a project of food sovereignty and common good in our region.


Of the direct reservations


Project of food sovereignty and common good


Grateful for making us more sustainable

Subbética Ecológica

Food for the common good